Uniform: Please see Uniform page



In keeping with the Catholic Marist character of the school, students are expected to adhere to the College rules at all times and treat other with respect. Uniform is to be worn with pride and all students are expected to behave as ambassadors for the College. Restorative practices are used in all dealings with students and their families.



If a student is going to be absent, a message should be sent to the College, by phone, fax, email or note as soon as possible.

If students are likely to be absent for more than two days, the College will be able to organise work to be done while away. Contact the appropriate level dean to arrange this. On returning to College, a dated letter signed by the parent/guardian, stating the duration of and reason for absence, is required to be given to his year/form teacher. If you are intending to have your son away during term time then permission needs to be sought from the Principal. Contact the Principal's Personal Assistant for this.



In order for a student to reach his full academic potential, regular homework is set in all subjects. We would realistically expect one hour’s homework per night in Year 7, increasing up to 2-3 hours in Years 11, 12 and 13. We stress the importance of a quiet area in which the student may study.



Please make an appointment with the Headmaster to discuss Scholarships