The College, founded by the Marist Brothers, has always remained true to its mission and the Marist Charism. Saint Marcellin Champagnat, founder of the Marist Brothers, regarded service to the poor and needy as his primary mission and St Paul’s College has always made this its main focus. While the College’s students are drawn from a diverse cross section of the community, it always strives to serve the needy, often first generation immigrants to our country. We are proud of our diverse, multicultural backgrounds, as well as our strong emphasis on Catholic, Christian life.

The Marist Brothers continue to have a real and valued presence in the life of the school. We are proud to have the Marist Brothers’ Community on site, and the Marist Brothers as the Proprietors, provide guidance and leadership for the College as it moves forward.

At St Paul's, we are guided by our two principles : RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY


  • God by loving others as I love myself
  • Myself by keeping my mind, body and spirit healthy
  • Others by caring for them and their rights


  • My environment by caring for where I live, work and play
  • My faith by living my life according to God’s laws
  • My attitude by being positive and hopeful
  • My behaviour by staying in control and accepting consequences for my actions
  • My learning by setting lifelong learning goals and working hard to achieve them

Our five values are:

  • Faith  in God, others, myself – to live according to the Gospel teachings
  • Perseverance the strength & character to never give up in the pursuit of excellence
  • Passion a love of, and for hard-work, and the learning life of the College
  • Courage to act with integrity when challenged and offer no excuses for my efforts
  • Brotherhood to love all and to love them equally

As Marists, we unite under the five pillars of our charism: