St Paul's College has a strong focus on student pathways and preparation for life after College.

The Careers and Gateway programmes are run through the Futures Centre and all students are involved at some stage in their time at our College.


In the junior school, the careers' programme is delivered through the following modules:

Year 7    My identity, my networks, my career dreams
Year 8    My personal qualities, my community, my future occupations
Year 9    My skills and qualities, my subject choices and how these link to real occupations
Year 10  The Real Game

In the senior school all students receive careers counselling and work with the careers advisor to create a personal career plan.

Students can access online resources via the school Internet.


Is available for senior students to gain work experience and relevant industry-based learning.

Students work one day a week in the workforce in an industry of their choice for up to 10 days. They supplement this experience with targetted learning in the classroom and on site.

We run a Gateway vocation class and other students, not in these classes, are also given the opportunity to participate in Gateway in other industries.

Services Academy

St Paul's College also offers a Services Academy class.   For senior students, particularly those interested in the armed forces, police or other services, an application to join the Academy can be made. The programme is run by Mr Dave McDermott and includes enhanced literacy and numeracy programmes as well as sports, fitness, leadership and at least two training camps out of Auckland which result in 20 Credits. All students in the Academy remain eligible to gain University Entrance..